Editor: Shane Staley


DarkFuse Magazine is an online publication now live and taking submissions for its featured fiction series.  Here's what we're looking for:

Original Fiction: Horror, thriller, suspense, crime, sci-fi, bizarre—anything that is horror-based.  Original, never-before-published stories.  No period pieces (settings should take place in modern times). 1500-7500 words paid. 

Payment: 1 cent per word on publication. Free ad space worth up to $300 to promote personal website, book or other online venture that's related to horror.

Rights Taken: One-time web publication rights.  One year exclusive agreement before submitting to another market. Non-exclusive archive rights for the life of the online magazine. First anthology rights in English as stories accepted in the magazine will also be up for inclusion in the DarkFuse anthology series (not guaranteed). All other rights revert to the author on publication.

Response Time: 6-9 months.

For New & Mid-list Authors: This magazine is a paying market with a major focus on exposure through distribution and paid marketing and promotions of its content. DarkFuse editors use submissions to scout talent for the company's main focus and revenue stream which is its digital and physical book lines. Second-chance offers may be extended to 5% of submissions not chosen for the featured story slots. Second chance offers are for high quality fiction that our editors thought narrowly missed the cut, but would still appeal to our readership. DarkBorne Muses is an ongoing series that introduces new authors to DarkFuse's readership. If authors are offered a second-chance offer, different payment structures will be offered and they may accept or decline this offer.

For Established & Professional Authors: This magazine offers professional rates and a growing readership. Payment greater than 6 cents per word may be offered if your work is solicited.
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